Rear 187B

Rear USB cable, Carplay , Android Auto.
You will not see the messy data cable on the front panel, it looks more concise and neat.

Ori 187B

The genuine RCD330 Plus Noname 187B

Android Auto / Carplay /Mirror link
For all Volkswagen PQ car

RCD330g plus 187B
Green Skoda

For Fabia / Octavia / Superb / Yeti etc
Green light Noname 187B or + rear USB or + Wireless Car play dongle.
German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English

wireless carplay Noname 187B
Rear 187B

Rear USB, Carplay , Mirrorlink, Carlife.
You will not see the messy data cable on the front panel, it looks more concise and neat.


Noname 280B

Android auto, Carplay. + Rear USB
MQB Volkswagens Original Unit.
USB original installation

Flip camera

FIts Golf 6/7 R/GTI MK6 MK7, Polo C/R/GTI/Plus, EOS/Beetle/Passat CC/Scirocco For RCD330 Plus

RCD330g plus

Rear USB cables and socket V3.0

For Noname 187B , Desay 187B, Noname 5GD 035 280B.

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Noname 187A RCD330 Plus AndroidAuto Carplay for Golf Jetta Tigun Passat

Noname RCD330 PLUS ( 6RD 035 187A SW:5522 C210).
I replaced RAM of 187A  with 512M,
I replaced all the 187A buttons with the 187B button.

The hardware and software both Same as 187B, no difference.

The hardware and software and functions are exactly the same as RCD330 PLUS 187B.

Used, But No scratches on the screen.  

If you pay directly to my paypal account for $229 with shipping.

The other way via eBay.

History of sale is 7 units.   No neutrality and Negative feedback. 
Package Include :
1 PCS UNIT Support MirrorLink + CARPLAY +  Android Auto (SW:5522 C210)
1 PCS AV Camera Adapter(Gift)
1 PCS 2 To 1 FAKRA Antenna Adapter   (Gift)
*** Support  English + Español + русский + Portugues 4 languages。

About the difference between Noname’s 187A and 187B

Noname’s 187A and 187B.  
The hardware difference is that the original RAM of 187A is 256M, and the original RAM of 187B is 512M. The other hardware is exactly the same
I replaced RAM of 187A  with 512M,Now 187A and 187B have the same hardware.
Any firmware for 187B can be installed on 187A.
The second difference is that the key layout on the right side of 187A goes from top to bottom: “mute/setup/phone“.
The key layout of 187b is: “phone /app/setup“.
The third difference is: 187A left button is “FM/AM“, 187B is “radio“. Just the letters are different, the functions are the same.
So you can simply think of Noname’s 187A and 187B as just different RAM.
The above explanation does not apply to the head unit of Desay, for Noname only.