Refit Rear USB for RCD330 plus Noname Desay Jetta Golf MK5 MK6 passat CC EOS V3

Refit Rear USB for RCD330 plus Noname Desay Jetta Golf MK5 MK6 passat CC EOS V3


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This is a set of modified products, which cannot be plug and play. It is recommended for people with practical ability to buy it. Installation video guide is below.

Package include:

1.USB cables*2 
2.USB socket*1 (Style for PackageA or PackageB)
3.Plastic clip and Position sticker.

Please tell me when you place the order whether you need to buy package A or package B. 
By default, package will be shipped.
1.It’s not plug and play, it needs welding to be retrofitted.
2.This USB cables is not fits RCD510, RNS315 and RNS510.
3.It fits Noname187B RCD330 PLUS ,Desay 187B. Noname 5GD 035 280B.
4.Two high quality USB cables, the length is 80cm and 26cm.
Please watch this video and post to know how to modify the rear USB.
Solemn statement: This modification requires you to have a certain ability, please choose this modification carefully, I cannot guarantee that everyone will be patient and careful to successfully complete the modification.

Difficulty level: medium.

Special Note:
1. The hole should be as close as possible to the upper edge.
2. Pay attention to safety when using an electric drill and hold the electric drill firmly.
3. Don’t rush to enlarge the hole, test little by little until it fits well.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 cm

Package A, Package B


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