RGB to CVBS (RCA) AV Signal Converter Adapter for Factory Original Camera

RGB to CVBS (RCA) AV Signal Converter Adapter for Factory Original Camera


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RGB to CVBS Adapter

Volkswagen had been using RGB format cameras before 2015 (except for the Golf 7  2013 – 2015), and the RCD330 plus only supports CVBS format cameras. This adapter allows you to keep your original camera and continue to work with the RCD330 plus.

Suggestion: If your car has a trunk handle camera, it is recommended that you do not choose this adapter. It is recommended that you replace the old one with a new camera. The new camera supports dynamic parking lines and has better image clarity. The price of a new camera is about the same as this adapter, and the installation effort is almost the same.

VW Passat Jetta2012 Tiguan dynamic track parking line handle rear view camera for RCD330G Plus

To save money on flip camera,  you can choose this adapter to keep OEM cameras. But you need to know that the clarity of the image will be reduced, and it will be clearer without installing a new camera.

No matter how you install the RGB TO CVBS adapter, the converted image clarity is not as good as the new camera.

1. RGB to AV CVBS Signal Converter Adapter. If you have an RCD510 or RNS315 or RNS510 installed, it works in RGB format if it comes with the original factory camera, if you plan to replace them with an RCD330 PLUS or an aftermarket unit, and you want to keep the OEM camera , you need to install this adapter..
2. If your OEM camera has a dynamic tracking system, RGB to CVBS adapter still supports this feature.
Due to the different production batches of the products, the colors of the wires are different, and the factory will mark the definition of each wire.


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