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Mike Pember asked 2 years ago

Hello, I have an RCD310 unit in my car, which has parking sensors and steering wheel controls. If I buy a 6RD 035 187B, will I need a MFSW simulator too, and will the unit show the standard sensor display (top down view of the car with radar lines showing the obstacle)?

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Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, for the 2013 Touran, you don’t need to install a CANBUS simulator or any other adapters. Every button of your multi-function steering wheel can control RCD330 plus.
Your reversing radar sensor can be supported by RCD330 plus. If you don’t have a reversing camera, you need to make a note when placing an order. You need to deactivate the backup camera so that you will display the OPS image when reversing. If your car has 8 front and rear sensors , Or as long as the rear 4 sensors, different OPS images will be displayed.