QA QuestionsCategory: Camera Question2014 Golf Mk7 Gti with Glove Box Unit
Clive asked 3 months ago

I have the 5GO 919 605 D head unit with the glove box secondary unit.
I installed the 280B head unit (routing the quadlock cable was difficult) but the reverse camera does not display. When engaging reverse the Park Pilot screen is displayed. Do I need an adaptor to get the reverse camera to work? I tried searching forums etc. but I can’t find where the reverse camera cables are for this model.
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1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 3 months ago

There are two possibilities. First, you don’t activate the backup camera function of the unit. VCDS activation is required
The second possibility is that you need to use a separate CANBUS cable to connect the unit to the gateway.Especially on some 2015 Golf 7 cars you need to reconnect the CANBUS gateway to your unit