QA Questions2015 MK7 GTI S
kc asked 8 months ago

I have a MIB 1 in my brother’s GTI, the infotainment system does not turn on. I did use a voltage tester/probe at the harness behind the glove box unit, the probe lit up. It was the TOP RIGHT wire looking at the back of the harness. Is it safe to say the glove box unit was fried? My brother did have wiring for a subwoofer, and it looked like he tapped into the harness wires at some point. I would like to get a 280B instead of another MIB and having to go to the dealer for Component Protection. Since my infotainment unit is not on, and Component Protection is active, would that hinder the install of the 280B at all? Lastly, the only features you lose with 280B is RDS(who cares?!) and audio information won’t show on the little screen between gauges?
Thank you!

1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 8 months ago

Hello, you can directly replace your original unit with 280B. The installation of the 280B has nothing to do with component protection, it can work independently and does not require decoding.
Unfortunately,  it does not support MFA, you can not see song information on the small screen,its advantage is that it supports carplay and Androidauto.