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Dan Simoes asked 1 year ago

Ordered and installed a logo latch camera and wired according to instructions.  Camera will not display and latch only works with key release.
Got everything wired up as described. Two problems.
1) opening the latch does not work. I can still unlock the hatch with the remote, but then I have to pull on the handle and unlock with remote at the same time.
Plugged the old latch into the old harness and it too seems to not work. Checked all the fuses, nothing blown.
2) Reverse camera is not coming on with the car in reverse. All wires are connected. Does it require recoding with VCDS/Vagcom?
Only think I can think of is that you said to discard (move aside) the existing blue connector which has wires and install the new one with two wires.  What do those existing wires do?  Might be for SiriusXM perhaps?
Anyway would like to get the car back together soon or latch replaced if it’s defective.

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello, my friend.
In my experience, almost all of the problems are with the installation, not the camera itself.
I suggest you contact me through whatsAPP and provide me with some pictures.
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Don’t lose heart. I can solve almost all the problems.