QA QuestionsCategory: CANBUS & Gateway QuestionCan bus communication error 00469
Gautier asked 4 months ago

Hope you’re well
First, please excuse my English, i’m a french guy.
I bought you an rcd330 and a flip camera set for my mk6gti from eBay on the 22 of april 2021.
Everything works well except an error code in the gateway : 00469 can communication cut.
I spend lot time to find where the problem could come.
I set back everything as factory fit : radio unit , gateway. And the problem was the same.
But today, i decided to test without connecting the camera harness
And the error code disappears.
Once i plug back the black/white connector from the camera harness, the errors comes again.
The camera works well but this error make trouble in my canbus communication on my car.
Could you help on these ?
Kind regards