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Heiko Hubertz asked 2 years ago

I currently have Firmware 5522 in German on my RCD330 and I don’t want to update to a newer version because its not available in German. Can I use the wireless carplay adapter with 5522 or do I need a newer version for it to work?

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

The 5614 firmware includes 4 languages, English, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. This firmware solves the problem that the unit automatically restarts when the wireless carplay dongle is inserted. At the same time, a new bootlogo has been added to the 5614 firmware. Others have not changed.
5522 German + English, this firmware works very stably, there is no BUG, ​​it can work directly for the wireless carplay dongle, so there is no updateable firmware.