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alpenhuhn asked 3 months ago

Hi ddren, 
I saw your answer regarding a question to german customs, it was over a year ago. How successful are your packages in avoiding german customs/ paying import tax? Do you still declare them as a gift/repaired item with worth at 18$? 
Is it possible for you to code the whole radio after my specifications, If I write you the details in the order details? I have a full string of code that should work well with my car or can just tell you the details I need coded. Sadly, my nearest VCDS coder is almost an hour drive away. 
Thank you very much in advance 🙂 

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ddren Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello, there will be orders from Germany every week. In addition to the value of the parcel is only 18 US dollars, I also use small parcel channels to transport it, according to logistics information, I can see it soon being cleared, not beingCustoms interception record.So there is no customer to say that they are taxed by the German customs.
About the Vcds code, I can change it according to your needs and do everything for you before shipping.
The following is the logistics information of some orders sent to Germany, and there is no record of being intercepted by customs.