QA QuestionsCategory: Head Unit QuestionDdren is Incorrect on my last Q&A
Chayne asked 1 year ago

Hi there, Chayne, I asked a question earlier about my faulty 187 that stopped working. Ddren incorrectly answered my question, knowing that his solution is not the case. The headunit was broken and not working before any firmware install was attempted. 
He also refused to offer me a refund on the product in-spite of his alleged 100% satisfaction guarantee. Instead he told me to ship the product back to him, on my dime, so he can inspect it and deem if it can be fixed, then he would ship it to a plant to be fixed, then send it back to me, then comp my pricing.
He also instructed me to lie to US Customs about what I was sending in order for him to avoid fees!
Overall a horrible experience, poor customer service, shady practices, and sold me a radio that broke within 6 weeks of install, and gaslights and refuses to assist in any way.
Wanted to set that record straight, looking at how I can delete my previous Q&A in order for others to not fall for this same situation.