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George Hatch asked 1 year ago

Hello. I have your flip camera installed on my 2012 Golf.  It has been working fine for several months.  Suddenly today the hatch wont release when I press the emblem.  The backup camera is just showing all black as the emblem also is not flipping up to reveal the camera.  I checked the wiring and I am pretty sure it is all correct.  Its been fine for several months.  No changes to wiring or anything else.  I can release the hatch from the inside.  There were a few times where after I opened it from the inside the emblem would open the trunk until I locked the car or tried the backup function.  After that it wouldn\’t open the trunk again unless I released from the inside again.  Now it won\’t do that anymore.  To me that suggests the emblem has power.  Any suggestions?  Is there any warranty on the badge camera?  Thanks!

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Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

There is a warranty, if it is a problem with the camera itself, I will be responsible.
In my experience, you need to check several locations.
One is to check whether the various connectors are loose.
Then check the line of the blue fuse you inserted into the fuse box. There is a yellow 5A fuse in the middle of the cable. If this fuse is blown, it will also cause the flip and not work, and you can’t get it from the outside of the car. Open your trunk by flipping the badge.
Please contact me via whatsapp, send me some pictures and videos, and I will help you solve it.