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GolfyMcGolfFace asked 3 months ago

I have the RCD330 kit with reverse camera for the Mk6 Golf, which of course includes a complete hatch handle assembly. I’ve tested everything with a multimeter and the limit switch embedded in the logo hatch opener does not pass continuity when the handle is opened, as it should.
I assumed for some time this was my fault for not fully seating a connector, but it turns out it’s a faulty unit. I haven’t had this for very long and the car stays in a garage. I’m pretty disappointed that this happened and that the switch is glued in so there’s no way to replace.
is it possible to get a replacement logo handle and swap the camera assembly from the old one?

GolfyMcGolfFace replied 3 months ago

I regret the awful formatting

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ddren Staff answered 3 months ago

I’m a little confused about the problem you said. Do you mean that your flip camera is out of order?
Can you send me some pictures and videos through whatsAPP? Explain the problem you are having.
Does your car have the switch connection of the original flip camera trunk, and how do you connect it?
Well, I don’t think it can be said clearly in one sentence. I still hope you can provide me with a video to explain your fault.
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