QA QuestionsCategory: Head Unit QuestionInterested in RCD330 noname 187b for 2005.5 MkV Jetta TDI
MKVJETTATDI asked 10 months ago

Hi Ddren,
I would like to get an RCD330 noname 187b for 2005.5 MkV Jetta TDI.
Here are some pictures of the steering wheel and head unit.  I do not want rear USB or backup camera.  I would like to use Android Auto and Carplay.
Since I have a multifunction 8 button steering wheel I believe I will need a MFSW adapter.
Can you help?
I would like to purchase but not sure how to add pictures

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 10 months ago

Yes, you made the right choice.Your car has a battery drain problem. At the same time, in order to solve the control of 8 bottons multi-functional steering wheel. You need to choose the simulator.
You can send it to me through whatsAPP.
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