QA QuestionsCategory: Head Unit Questionno-audio-from-video-files-and-games-cant-start
Vladimir asked 9 months ago

I did everything as per video:
Audio from VIDEO file either plays together with music at the same time or it dosen\’t play audio at all. I tried some videos but only few worked either with audio and music together or just video.
Also only some videos can be played (all i tried are 360p mp4)
Games imediattely after installation update worked, but now i just press and nothing happenes.

1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 9 months ago

Only MP3 flac and other music formats can be supported. You’d better find a small software to convert your music files.
The original author of the firmware was Russian, I just translated it from Russian to English. So I cannot guarantee that some problems will be solved completely.

Hunteror replied 9 months ago

Thanks for the reply. Problem is not with music files but with video files.
I dont know why some works and other doesnt, all same 360p resolution mp4 format