QA QuestionsCategory: Wireless QuestionNoname 187B Carplay RCD330 + Rear USB
Cesar asked 1 year ago

1. Is the Rear USB additional to the front USB in the unit? will both work?
2. Is the wireless dongle configurable with 2 phones?
Thank you!

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

1.If you add the rear USB, the front USB will no longer work, the front USB only has the function of charging, and the front and rear USB cannot work at the same time. This is determined by the working principle of the USB cable.
2.The wireless carplay dongle cannot work for two iPhones at the same time. If your first iPhone is connected to this dongle, if you want to add a second iPhone, you must delete the first one in the dongle setting menu iPhone mobile phone, add a new iPhone mobile phone.