QA QuestionsCategory: Head Unit QuestionQuestion regarding RCD radio for Golf 6 (2011)
krowest asked 11 months ago

Hi there,
Since there are a loooot of different versions of the RCD 330 radio I had a few pre-sale question that I would like to have answered first before buying. I have a Golf VI (6) from 2011 (Europe/Germany) with the original RCD 310 Radio. The only option that I have is the original aux input on the middle console armrest and this old iPod MDI input within the armrest itself. Unfortunately I don’t have a multi functional steering wheel but this is something that I want to add in the next month or two.

  1. I want to have the rear USB option (not a big fan of seeing the cable hanging in front of the dashboard) will it charge the phone AND have the Apple Carplay working?
  2. I’m not planning to use the Android Auto option but you never know what the future is going to bring… Will Android Auto work just like Apple Carplay or is there some additional coding/firmware needed?
  3. I see currently there is a wireless Apple Carplay dongle but I see a lot of connection problems on the internet. People are complaining that they have to restart the dongle every couple of days (meaning that you have to take out the cable and insert it in again which is really annoying I can imagine)
  4. Will the parking sensors (OPS) show up correctly on the display?
  5. When changing the temperature will it show up correct on the display?
  6. Will the automatic parking option still work? and show up correctly on the display?
  7. After I’ve installed the multi functional steering wheel, will all the buttons work correctly with the RCD radio?
  8. Will I be able to listen to youtube in the background via bluetooth while using Apple Maps on Apple Carplay?
  9. Since my car is from 02-2011 do I need to have some kind of additional adapter? Especially because I want to install the original multi functional steering wheel which the car doesn’t have at the moment
  10. Will the microphone work without any additional adapters or coding since my car doesn’t have the microphone/handsfree option installed
  11. Small detail but will the correct Apple Carplay logo be shown once opening the apps or will it display the Baidu car logo thing?

Can you please answer to my questions and tell me what radio I need?
Thanks in advance!!