QA QuestionsCategory: Head Unit QuestionRCD 330 screen dies but unit continues to play music
Thomas asked 4 weeks ago

Hello, Thank you for the RCD 330 Plus. I really enjoy the unit but have run into some technical issues. When using the unit, after some time, the screen will suddenly go black. The music will continue to play, but none of the controls work besides being able to turn the radio off. After about 2 minutes, the radio turns on by itself and I have no choice to listen to the radio station and volume level set before the unit broke. Additionally, the unit will remain like this for some time but will randomly start working again normally. It usually takes another 30 minutes of usage or so before the same issue occurs again. Some other times, the screen will show vertical color bars and the entire unit crashes (no music etc). Are there any troubleshooting items I can try like updating the firmware? If none of these work, I will need to return the unit then because it is unusable in its current state. These issues began occurring very quickly after installing the unit. I have not made any modifications to the unit and have not touched the software or firmware. It is completely out of the box.
Below is a video of the issue.