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Lucio asked 7 months ago

I will be purchasing the RCD330 PLUS for my Mk5 Jetta. I am thinking of also purchasing the MIB RCD330 PLUS AV REAR VIEW CAMERA For VW TIGUAN Passat B6 B7 Golf 5 /6/7 JETTA Mk5 MK6.
Do you have an install tutorial video for the rear view camera? I haven’t been able to find any on YouTube.

1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 7 months ago

Sorry buddy, this installation is too easy. It only needs to connect 3 wires.
#1, you need to insert my ACC 12V connector directly into the fifth or sixth position of your fuse box, plug and play.
#2, the blue wire leads directly to the reversing light + in the trunk, it is a white wire, you can directly install it by pressing it.
#3, the black wire is connected to the ground wire, any metal screw can be attached to the body.
I’ll give you a suggestion. Don’t hide all the cables first, connect each wire directly first, and then test whether it works. If it works, you can hide all the wires.