Drasko Puseljic asked 7 months ago

Hi – I have a MK5 VW Golf GTI (2007 model year).  I understand the RCD330 Plus is plug and play except that I need to replace the Canbus.  Is that right?  Note I am not concerned about being able to control using steering wheel controls. Do you sell the updated Canbus to avoid battery drain?  Can you preprogram the Canbus or provide programming instructions?

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 7 months ago

For mk5, you must install the CANBUS simulator. The simulator has two functions, one is to solve your battery drainage problem, and the other is that it can solve the control problem of the eight-button multi-function steering wheel.  This simulator is currently the only adapter that can solve the problem of eight-button multi-function steering wheel control.

MFSW Control Canbus gateway Simulator RCD330 plus For VW Jetta MK5 Passat