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Shaun asked 3 months ago

Happy New Year !! I’m getting a rear view camera is unavailable message black screen and I followed all the wiring instructions.
The rear view camera that I installed is made by Natika model WD-011.   
Is this camera compatible with this radio ?  How do I get the camera to show ?
When I put the car in reverse a black screen message comes up that says rear view camera is unavailable. 

1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 3 months ago

I don’t know if your camera is CVBS (AV). If you can confirm that this camera is compatible with the RCD330plus, I can give you some experience.
1. Check that your ACC 12 volt supply is coming from the right place. If you are not sure, please provide pictures.
2.Check that your ground connection is secure and correct. You must be connected directly to the metal body.
3.Check that the blue camera adapter plug in the Quadlock is inserted into the correct position.
I provide you with some pictures of the connection of the camera I sell.