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shortgame11 asked 3 weeks ago

This trim level came with a 400-watt Panasonic amp under the passenger seat and a 10 speaker sound system as well as a Bluetooth module under the driver’s seat. The car also has a three-spoke wheel with 10ish? buttons. What degree of compatibility should I expect with all these components? I have a VCDS so I can code if required ect.

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ddren Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello, if your Panasonic amplifier is original skoda. Then you need to select no name 187B and note that you need to activate the Skoda sound system when placing an order. Only the no name? 187B supports the Skoda Sound System If your Panasonic amplifier is from the aftermarket, it is unfortunately not compatible with the 330 plus. According to my experience, Skoda Superd is equipped with a Panasonic amplifier.
If you have purchased these units and need to change the encoding, do the same in the video below.