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Carsten asked 1 year ago

Hey guys,
I drive a 2010 Golf 6 (MK6) with a built in rcd 310, vw bluetooth hands-free modul (voice controlled),  MFSW (12 buttons),no rearview camera (don`t need one). I`m thinking about to replace it with a Desay 187B + Rear USB + Package A

  • Do I have the battery drain problem?
  • Can I still use all functions of my MFSW (12 buttons) including the Voice-Controll button (for siri?)?
  • Do I need an quadlock adapter?
  • Is there a German language file available for the Desay?
  • Can I update the Desay?
  • Do I have to remove the Air Conditioning Unit to get the USB cable to the USB botton switch socket?
  • I think I can`t use the existing hands-free module anymore, right? Do I have to cut any connection/cable from the existing hands free-module to the radio (for example in the existing quad lock)?

Many thanks in advance. Great job, by the way!

2 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

1. There is no battery drainage problem for your car.
2. Every button of your MFSW will not lose its control function, it can work for RCD330 plus, including siri voice function.
3.No, you don’t need to install other quadlocks, your original quadlock can be plug and play for RCD330 plus.
4. Yes, I can pre-install the German firmware for Desay 187B for you.
5. Yes. You can update Desay 187B.
6. The installation of the USB switch of the package A does not require you to remove the Air Conditioning Unit. Its installation requires you to pull up the dust cover of the gear, see two screws, use a T20 screwdriver to unscrew the screws, you can lift the smoke the box where the device is located. Then install the USB socket(Package B).
7. The unit of RCD310 should be built-in vw bluetooth hands-free modul (voice controlled). After you replace RCD310 with RCD330 plus, you no longer have the original Bluetooth. If you have an independent vw bluetooth hands-free modul (voice controlled), you need to find it. It is usually installed under the passenger seat. You need to unplug it to stop it working completely, otherwise it will infect you Bluetooth phone.

jaybrick21 answered 11 months ago

I have a 2013 MK6 gti and mine is “plug and play” but it still drained my battery. I put the original radio back in to test and it was fine. Do I need an adapter or what do I need to do to keep it from draining my battery?