Carsten asked 2 years ago

Hey guys, thank you for your quick response. Sorry, but there came up more questions: 1. Do I get an invoice (proof of purchase for German customs)? 2. Does the usb switch button (Package A) only fit in on the right position of the switch strip in front of the gear box (Golf 6)? In my car this position is already occupied by the automatic start/stop system button. The order of the switches in my car is (beginning from the left): ESP button, blind button, parking aid button, park distance control button, automatic start/stop system button. I would prefer to replace the blind button by the usb switch. Is that possible? 3. If not, what is from your point of view the best/easyiest position for the usb switch from package B (Golf 6)? Thanks in advance. Best regards Carsten

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

1.In the last six months, all orders from Germany have successfully avoided customs.  Although I can’t guarantee 100% avoidance of customs, no German customers are taxed because I will declare that the package value is only $18, and that the package is a gift or has been repaired.
2.  You can replace the blind button with the usb switch botton(Package A).  It can be installed, but it’s not very good-looking, because it has two rounded corners.
3.You can also consider installing it in another location-the central armrest box. Use USB (package B) to replace the AUX in the armrest box. The size is different and you need to expand the hole. Or you can remove the original AUX botton without expanding the hole, and let the cable go through this hole. (Let the cable of Package A pass through this hole and place the entire Package A in the armrest box)