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Tristan asked 9 months ago

Thanks firstly for having this forum its awesome! I have been looking at many websites and forums to figure out what I would need to buy to make my car work with an RCD330 plus.
I can’t figure it out, so I thought I would ask you the guy who sells them directly to get a proper answer.
My car is the VW Golf MK5 1.6FSI Match edition 57 Plate (8 button steering wheel)
Do I need to buy the MFSW Control Canbus gateway Simulator or the VW Original Gateway CANBUS?
I am wanting to get the RCD330 plus with Car play and rear USB cable from noname as this seems to be the most future proof one.
Thank you in advance,

1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 9 months ago

Thank you for coming.
You need to buy this CAN BUS gateway simulator, or use a new gateway to replace the old one (replacement of the gateway can only solve the problem of battery drainage, not the control problem of the 8-button steering wheel). In order to keep the 8-button steering wheel working, the CANBUS simulator is the only solution. 
For MK5, Noname 187B with rear USB is recommended (package A)