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Lewis Holford asked 9 months ago

Hi there,  I\’m looking for an RCD330 that has Car play that works with My VW GOLF I have the DYNAUDIO option and Park Pilot/ Parking sensors.    I\’m hoping to get a unit that shows the Park Pilot screen instead of a reverse camera and also works with my Dynaudio, also if possible I\’d really like it to be a wireless one too!  Do you have any that fit this?   Many thanks, Lewis

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ddren Staff answered 9 months ago

The RCd330 Plus can be installed directly on your car without battery drainage problems, plug and play. If you have a multifunction steering wheel available, it can also work for the RCD330 Plus.
You do not have a camera, but there is a reversing sensor, I can not activate the camera of the unit, when you reverse, the OPS image will be displayed.
I will also code your Dynaudio modify of RCD300 Plus for better work.
Here are all the items that will meet your needs.

Wireless CarPlay Dongle+ Noname 187B AndroidAuto RCD330 Plus + Rear USB