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Henry B. asked 8 months ago

Good morning,
I have asked on a forum what RCD330 would be right for my car and you were recommended to me, so I hope I am at the right adress.
Ok, so I have a 2012 Golf 6 (Gti edition 35, not sure if that matters). It has parking sensors and currently the RNS310, no Dynaudio and no backup camera but multifunction buttons on the steering wheel. I want to use android auto (and maybe apple carplay in the future) with a wireless adapter, but I would like the rear usb option so I can hide the wireless adapter in the glovebox and not have any cable seen. Is that possible, or is the connection in the glovebox too weak or something? Also is it possible to have German and English as the Language option? How much would everything cost? Those are the questions I have right now, I hope they arent too many. Thank you in advance.