kc asked 2 years ago

Does the Driving Mode Menu/Selection work on the 280B, or can I code with my OBDeleven? Also, what OEM features are lost when switching from stock MIB to 280B? Thank you!

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello there,
The 280B can display the driving mode, but it is not a function of the 280B itself, it is a gateway function. It must be a gateway starting with the letter “5Q0” to activate the driving mode.The 3Q0 gateway does not support driving mode.
You can use OBD 11 to change long coding, but you cannot run the adaptation-10 function,VCDS is more powerful.
I don’t know what your original unit is, or what functions it has. The 280B itself is an OEM unit. So I think it will not lose some OEM functions. What I know is that the 280B does not support MFA and cannot display the station icon.But it supports CARPLAY and ANDROIDAUTO, which cannot be done by your original unit.