QA QuestionsCategory: CANBUS & Gateway QuestionBatterie Drain in Tiguan 2008
Ralf Gruber asked 1 year ago

I have tried a device from China labeled RCD360 Pro in my 2008 Tiguan. Steering control buttons work thanks to the additional CAN Bus Decoder sold for an extra 25 Eur, but it does drain the batterie. My gateway is labeled “S” at the end. Will your 187B NoName work with full steering wheel button support and no battery drain? 

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

You need to buy this CAN BUS gateway simulator, or use a new gateway to replace the old one (replacement of the gateway can only solve the problem of battery drainage, not the control problem of the 8-button steering wheel). In order to keep the 8-button steering wheel working, the CANBUS simulator is the only solution. Of course, this simulator can work with Noname 187B.