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Manuel asked 3 months ago

I bought the RCD339 Plus Noname 187B from your store last August and I am quite happy with it. The only nuisance I couldn’t solve yet is that I have to re-establish the bluetooth connection everytime after I use AndroidAuto with the USB cable connected to my phone (including confirming the pin and allowing access to my contacts, etc.). I have read on a different forum that this can be avoided if I disconnect the USB cable before I turn off the car and that does seem to be true, but I just turn off the car first in most cases, before I remember to disconnect my phone. I have a Pixel 5 with Android 12.
Is there a better workaround or firmware fix that can solve this issue?

1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello, this is a problem with Android auto, I suggest you try a different version of the firmware to solve this problem.