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David Newlands asked 1 year ago

Hi,I received my order 11922 a couple of weeks ago and installed the headunit and everything worked as expected. LAst week I went to installthe rear view camera( completed the wiring as per the cable labels and made sure thecoding was correct. The first time I put the car in reverse and therear view picture appeared on the headunit with the bending lines asexpected. I was very pleased given how difficult it had been to runthe cabling from the rear of the wagon to the front.Unfortunately the next time I put the car into reverse the picturedidn\’t appear and I got the black screen with the message \”Rear CameraSystem not available\”. Since then I have used the car 4 times. Thereverse camera performed as expected only once and now I consistentlyget the message that the reverse camera is unavailable. I have checkedall the wiring all the way to the camera plug and it is continuous andproviding 12.5 volts. I can\’t check anything in the camera as it issealed and I dont have another camera to swap in. I believe the cameramodule is faulty.How can this be made good so I have a working system.I look forward to your reply

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Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello David
According to the experience of the factory, the problem is not the camera itself. The quality inspection of this camera is very strict, and the probability of failure of the camera itself is very, very low.
According to my experience, you need to find the cable itself, ACC12V, you can check whether there is a 12V output at the cable connector. Is there a false connection between CANBUS+ and CANBUS-, or the connection sequence is reversed?
Is the video cable squeezed somewhere?
After testing, I can send you a camera without a cable. If the camera still does not work, it can be concluded that the cable is falsely connected or broken.
In any case, I am willing to help you solve this problem, but it is best if you can use a multimeter to measure whether each cable is connected. If you are sure that the cables are fully connected, I can send you another camera to test.
You can contact me through whatsapp, the communication is more timely, and it is more convenient to send pictures and videos.