VW Passat Jetta2012 Tiguan dynamic track parking line handle rear view camera for RCD330G Plus

VW Passat Jetta2012 Tiguan dynamic track parking line handle rear view camera for RCD330G Plus


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If you buy this camera with the unit, it costs $40 free shipping.
If you only buy one camera, which is not buy other units, you need to pay another $15 for shipping.

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This camera requires you to activate the backup camera function of the unit.

The camera has a built-in dynamic track chip. Display dynamic parking lines.

Installation requirements: must have ESP function (almost all Volkswagens with ESP after 2004),

Work for units with CVBS video input, such as rcd330, rcd340, rcd410, rcd360, Desay 187a, Desay 187B, Noname 187A, Noname 187B,Noname187E, MIB, MIB2.

Cannot work for rcd510 / rns315 / rns510.

work for Jetta MK5/MK6/Tiguan/Touran/Passat B6 and B7 and B8.

Please note:

-Installation is easier, even simpler than a camera without a dynamic parking line. Simply arrange the dashboard to the backup data, install the luggage camera, connect the can +/-, and the camera can receive data from CANBUS and display the dynamic trajectory.

-No delay box is needed because it has a built-in delay chip.

-Applicable to Volkswagen cars produced after 2004-2020.

-If you have any questions, please contact me.


1) CCD digital trajectory image sensor designed for Volkswagen MIB stereo original screen, it does not need CANBUS decoding. Support original steering wheel dynamic trajectory control.

2) A true wide viewing angle of 160 degrees. 6 Glass lens.

3) Installed on the trunk handle, 6m video cable connected to a stereo monitor. When reversing, the monitoring system will automatically start to work and you can clearly see the situation behind the car.

4) Applicable temperature range of -30~60℃. After leaving the factory, it has undergone high-pressure water immersion test and 12-hour electrical aging test. The multi-layer waterproof design realizes high-pressure washing and immersion. camera

-If you have any questions, please contact me.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

2004-2009 Jetta Touran, 2010-2020 Jetta Touran, Passat, Tiguan


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