QA QuestionsCategory: Head Unit QuestionQuestions about 2017 Jetta S and RCD330
Jason Yin asked 2 months ago

I am interested in a “Real RCD330 Plus Noname 187B” for my 2017 Jetta S. I saw the post (URL 1 below) and I am wondering if you were able to figure out if factory camera will work. The two pairs of wires on the factory harness are CVBS camera (pin 6,12) and microphone (pin 1, 7). Wondering if the 12 pin block (blue) can be removed from factory harness and plugged in “MQB TO PQ ISO quadlock addapter”, also if the factory microphone will work with RCD330. Thanks!
I found someone on reddit successfully using the factory camera on RCD330 (URL2).