QA QuestionsCategory: Head Unit QuestionRCD330 with no sound quality loss?
WI_TDI asked 2 years ago

I own a 2015 VW Jetta TDI, and was wondering which version of the RCD 330 can be bought that does not have significantly lower sound quality than the stock radio? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi   To be honest, if there is no amplifier, the sound quality of RCD330 plus is a little worse than RCD510, but the advantages of RCD330 plus are powerful Bluetooth function, fast start-up speed, and support for the new car technology of Androidauto and carpaly, and support for 2004- The 2016 Volkswagen PQ platform is universally compatible with cars, as well as its low price and high working stability. The sound quality of Noname 187B is almost the same as that of Desay.Some car enthusiasts also upgraded the sound of RCD330 plus. You can search Goole to get some experience.

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