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Leino Limbach asked 2 years ago

Is it possible for your company to make rear usb for Noname 187E model?

Reason why I’m asking is because 187E versions or more stable with factory amplifiers  and also Dynaudio and Fender.
I have Desay 187B and it’s not working well with my factory amp inside VW CC even after many times coding it with VCDS.
I’m afraid that Noname 187B will also not deliver the result neede. 

Would it be possible to make rear usb + 187E ?

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

How do Dynaudio and Fender sound systems work for Noname 187B? I have successfully changed the encoding through VCDS.
The internal structure of 187E and 187B is exactly the same. So the video guide for retrofitting Noname 187B with rear USB is also suitable for 187E. But I must be responsible to tell you that there is almost no real 187E. The real 187E origins are India and Brazil. Others are remark 187B. It is fake 187E. 187F Volkswagen has never produced it again.