Mathias O. Rasmussen asked 2 years ago

Hello Ddren
I’m very interested in the 5GD 035 280B, for my 2013 Golf VII.
Do you ship to Denmark?
And is it possible to get both andriod auto and carplay as wireless?
Best Regards 
Mathias O. Rasmussen

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Mathias O
5GD 035 280B fit your car.It can support android auto and wireless carplay. If you need rear USB + wireless carplay dongle. You can place an order at these two links.
BTW. I can also ship packages to Denmark. The better news is that all the packages I sent to Denmark in the past year have avoided customs (At least more than 20 orders are from Denmark). Although this is not 100% guaranteed. 🙂