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George asked 2 years ago

I just wanted you to ask if a Noname RDC330 Plus will also fit in a Volkswagen Polo 2015 6R. The current radio in the car is one of the cheapest compostion radios of Volkswagen (I could not add an image to this message). I hope you answer me by mail so I can send you an image of my current radio by mail. Also I want to ask you if optical parking system will still work with this radio

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Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

You can install RCD330 plus in your car, plug and play, no battery drain problem. Your original OPS can still work for RCD330 plus. If you do not install a backup camera, you need to deactivate the backup camera function, so that the OPS image will be displayed when you reverse the car. If you want to install a backup camera, the following camera is suitable for you. If you can’t send me pictures here, you can contact me through other channels.
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