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Dave Newman asked 1 year ago

What would be the best product for VW Jetta 2014 SEL with pre-installed backup camera and fender sound system?
I’m considering a unit with back USB and remote AirPlay

  • Is there anything required to support factory installed camera?
  • For the fender system do I only need to provide a comment when ordering?
1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

7Your original camera is RGB format. RCD330 Plus supports a CVBS camera. If you want to continue to keep your original camera to continue working, you need to install the RGB to CVBS adapter, but this adapter often does not work, at the same time, thisThe adapter will make your camera image quality decrease.And the price of this adapter is almost unstably in a new set of cameras with dynamic trajectories. So I don’t recommend you to install this adapter, I recommend you to install a new camera.

VW Passat Jetta2012 Tiguan dynamic track parking line handle rear view camera for RCD330G Plus

If you want to implement wireless carplay, you need to buy the bundle below, airplay and wireless carplay are not the same thing. The carplay that works on the car.

Wireless CarPlay Dongle+ Noname 187B AndroidAuto RCD330 Plus + Rear USB V3.0

If your car has a fender sound system, you need to note it when you place the order and I will change the code for you.