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Alin asked 1 year ago

Hello, I’ve heard some great things about you and your products, but I have some questions regarding this head unit. 1. Do I need to do anything super complicated and special to the electrical system of the car? I really don’t want to have any battery drainages, even if the car is not driven for a week, let say. 2. My CC has steering wheel controls, do they work perfectly with this head unit? Meaning are they usable to change radio station in the main manu and to they also work in Android Auto menu system? 3. As of now, I currently have a stock RNS 315, is there any sound quality degradations from stock to the 330 head unit ? 4. What is the best approach to get my hands on a RCD 330 with a rear usb port, since the item would be send out to Europe( I live in Romania), and if the item is shipped from China, I will have to pay import TAX( i believe it\’s called VAT tax) over your asking price. Do you have a solution for shipping within in the EU? 5. Is it complicated to add the read USB port to the center console of a CC, if it\’s not preinstalled? Thank you, Alin

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Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

1. Your car can be directly installed with RCD330 PLUS, plug and play, no other adapters are needed, and your car has no battery drainage problems.
2. Each button of your multifunction steering wheel can control RCD330 plus, you can directly use the steering wheel to switch radio station, you can also use the steering wheel to control androidauto and carplay.
3. I can only tell you that RCD330 plus’s sound processing is not its strong point. Its advantage is its interconnection with mobile phones and rich Bluetooth functions. However, the sound quality of RCD330 plus will not be much worse than RNS315. I feel almost the same.
4. Regarding customs duties, what I can do is that I use private small parcel channels to ship it. I will declare that the value of the parcel is only $18. In the past year, 99% of the parcels sent to Europe have avoided customs. Although I can’t guarantee 100% avoidance of customs, this is a fact and I believe many customers can prove it to me.
5. Leading the rear USB cable to the center console is not a complicated task. Many people do it by themselves.