QA QuestionsVW Polo 2009 (MK V shape) Stereo Upgrade?
Zak Shah asked 2 years ago

Hi all. I wanted to ask what stereo you guys recommend for my 2009 Polo. I want GPS, Bluetooth, and a fairly big screen. Android screen mirror and rear parking camera are welcome additional features, although not essential, as I don’t want to pay too much. Thanks in advance!

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

I only sell Volkswagen original units, you can directly replace your original unit with RCD330 plus. Now is the era of rapid technological development, the old navigation system has been gradually eliminated, because its map update is not as fast as the mobile navigation app update. With carplay and androidauto, we can integrate the navigation in the mobile phone and the media player chat app, etc. When the screen is cast on the RCD330 plus screen, although it only has a 6.5-inch screen, it is enough. Its stability, multi-function and low price make this Volkswagen original unit very popular with Volkswagen owners. 
RCD330 plus has powerful Bluetooth function, and its working speed is faster than RNS510.

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