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Andreas Freise asked 2 years ago

Hey, i have a 2013 Scirocco with RNS310 and want to buy the NoName 187B with Wireless Carplay. So I need anything else? I dont have a rear camera but rear sensors and will all my 12 buttons have function?
And is Carplay running smooth on this device? Has it 1GB RAM? 
Thanks beforehand and Greetings from Germany

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Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

Sorry for not replying to you in time.
For Scirocco in 2013, Noname 187B with rear USB is recommended. Plug and play.
The multifunctional steering wheel of 12 bottons can be perfectly controlled and fully compatible. No other adapters and decoders are needed.
Yes.Carplay running smooth on this device. The radar sensor of your car can work. OPS image will be displayed automatically when you reversing.

Noname 187B only has 512M RAM, Desay 187B has 1G RAM, but Desay’s unit does not support androidauto. There is no multi-language, and very few firmware can be used for updating. Because the process of the unit itself is countable, no amount of memory can change the operating efficiency of the unit, and the hardware and software are matched. If there is a good software system, the unit will run more efficiently. This is why the RAM of Apple mobile phones has not been very large, but it has good working efficiency. My analogy is not necessarily accurate. I just want to say that, in fact, I have tried to replace Noname’s memory with 1G RAM, but it did not make me feel that its work efficiency has improved.

By the way, Noname 187B can work in German