Erik Wunder asked 3 months ago

I have 2013 Jetta TDI with Fender audio. Would like Apple CarPlay. Which radio do I need?

1 Answers
ddren Staff answered 3 months ago

You can choose one of the following units. You must note that your car has a fender sound system when you place your order. You do not need to buy any additional adapters. Your car doesn’t have a battery drain problem.
Noname 187B RCD330 plus
1.Standard Original Edition
2.Standard original unit + rear USB or + wireless carplay dongle.

RCD330 PLUS RCD340G Noname 187B For Jetta Golf Passart Tiguan

Noname 187B with Rear USB V3 AndroidAuto RCD330 Plus Jetta MK5 MK6 Passat Polo2013