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Mike asked 2 years ago

Hello.  Do you know which version would work best for a 2015 Jetta S?

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Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

First, RCD330 PLUS is installed in Jetta 2015, plug and play, no battery drain problem.

Noname187B is recommended choice (link2). You can consider Noname 187B with refit Rear USB. it transfer the USB to the front of the gear. See the picture.

In the future, you can also consider hiding the wireless carplay adapter in the ashtray.
If you like unmodified ones, you can consider link 1.
link1: Standard Original Edition of Noname 187B
link2: Noname 187B with refit a rear USB .
link3:  Refit rear USB for Noname 187B + and Wiress Carplay adapter.
link4: Desay 187B (1G RAM) with refit rear USB