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Brad asked 2 years ago

hi.. i recently bought a rcd330 to upgrade my unit in 2011 amarok.. it fitted well, but its not set up for android auto. I have seen on youtube people upgrading firmware. I am basically computer stupid… is there someone that sells the usb stick loaded with the data necessary… i am wanting navigation…. please excuse my ignorance
screen information
device part number 6RD0351878
Hardware 036
Software 0317
Bluetooth c300
Apple CarPlay [email protected]
any assistance greatly appreciated… willing to pay

1 Answers
Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, your unit is desay 187B. Although it is also a real RCD330 plus, it does not support android auto. This is the difference between it and noname 187B. If you want to get android auto, you can only buy noname 187B.
Noname 187B
1.Standard Original Edition
2.Standard original unit + rear USB.
3.Standard original unit + rear USB+ wireless carplay dongle

RCD330 PLUS RCD340G Noname 187B For Jetta Golf Passart Tiguan

Noname 187B with Rear USB AndroidAuto RCD330 Plus Jetta MK5 MK6 Passat Polo2013

Wireless CarPlay Dongle+ Noname 187B AndroidAuto RCD330 Plus + Rear USB