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Mike asked 2 years ago

I have a 2013 Tiguan with RNS510 Dynaudio, reverse camera, aux in and media in connector.  What do you recommend to have all the functions still working?

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Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

You can directly replace RNS510 with Noname 187B.
1. In order to keep your Dynaudio working, you need to change the coding for RCD330 plus. Follow the video below. I can do it for you.

2. Your original OEM camera cannot work directly for RCD330 plus, you need to install an RGB to CVBS adapter.

RGB to CVBS (RCA) AV Signal Converter Adapter for Factory Original Camera

3. Your AUX is in the central armrest box. It can no longer work for RCD330 plus. You can consider installing the rear USB in the central armrest box. You can choose package A or package B according to your measured size. Many people choose to thread directly from the original AUX to the armrest box, and then choose package A.The following figure shows the dimensions of USB package B and USB package A. Package B is larger in size.

Noname 187B with Rear USB AndroidAuto RCD330 Plus Jetta MK5 MK6 Passat Polo2013