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Brian asked 2 years ago

Good day….I\’ve purchased this vehicle and would like to add Apple CarPlay.  I use Sirius/XM as well as the backup camera, and don\’t want to lose the steering wheel controls.  What pieces do I need to make this happen?  Thanks in advance and happy new year.

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Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

You can directly replace the old unit with RCD330 PLUS, plug and play. Your multifunctional steering wheel can directly work for RCD330 plus, and every button can work. I recommend you the following two products. (package B)
If you have an OEM camera, it is an RGB format camera and it cannot work for RCD330 plus, RCD330 PLUS only supports CVBS format cameras. I recommend that you replace the old camera with a dynamic track camera.
Happy new year!