Jared asked 1 year ago

My car has Bluetooth and steering wheel controls with a cord in the centre console to connect to old iPhone 30 pin cable to car. Steering wheel controls work with Bluetooth. I was wondering if I can keep steering wheel control ditch that old cable (which I don’t use) and use the rcd330 with the front USB port for Apple car play thanks! Also how long for shipping to British Columbia in Canada?

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Ddren Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi. I don’t quite understand what the old cable you are talking about is. You’d better send me some pictures through whatsapp to let me know what the cable you are talking about.
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I will directly introduce the functions of RCD330 plus.
#1, For the 2014 Jetta, every button of your multifunction steering wheel can directly control RCD330 PLUS. Including the Bluetooth control button on the steering wheel.
#2. RCD330 plus has built-in Bluetooth function, it can establish connection with your iphone .
#3, the front USB interface of the original version of RCD330 plus can work directly for your cell phone. When you connect your iphone to the unit with a cable, it will automatically activate the carplay function, and it will also work for your iPhone Charge.
#4. If you choose a unit with a rear USB interface, the front USB interface will lose carplay, and only the rear USB interface can work for carplay. Although the front USB interface can still charge your cell phone at this time, The front USB and the rear USB cannot work at the same time, that is, you cannot insert the cell phone into the front USB and the rear USB at the same time. If you insert the cell phone at the same time, the rear USB will not work at this time.
The package usually arrives in Toronto, Canada in 6-7 days, but the time required for transshipment between Canadian cities is uncertain. It usually takes 12-20 days for the package from China to your home.

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