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John Schallberger asked 2 years ago

Will the Noname 187B with rear USB work with my 2014 EOS with Dynaudio? Stock system has backup camera, steering wheel controls and Dynaudio system. Please tell me what I need to get CarPlay in my EOS.  Thanks!

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Ddren Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes. Noname 187B with rear USB can work with 2014 EOS with Dynaudio.
You need to note that you have Dynaudio sound system when you place an order. I will change the coding for you before shipping, so that the noname 187B can work better under Dynaudio sound system. In addition, if you have an OEM camera, it can’t work directly for rcd330 plus. You have two options. First, install the RGB to CVBS adapter to let your original camera continue to work for rcd330 plus. The working picture of your original camera remains unchanged, and the static parking line still exists. But all rcd330 plus don’t support OPS image and reversing image on the same screen.
#2. You can choose a new set of flip camera, which supports dynamic parking line. The link is as follows.
In addition, all the functions of your original multi-function steering wheel are still retained, and every button of you can continue to control rcd330 plus. If you choose the rear USB rcd330 plus, you can choose package a, because there is its original installation position in front of your gear. The installation is very simple. You need to lift the dust cover of the gear and see two T20 screws. Loosen the screws, you will lift the whole cigarette lighter box and install the USB socket.

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