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Leo asked 2 weeks ago

Hello. I am about to purchase a 2012 Volkswagen MK6 GTI and wanted to confirm that the following unit and package A is compatible with the car and all adapters are included?
I would also like to get one of the following backup camera and would like to make sure that both are compatible?
I read that the RCD330 has backup camera enabled but I don’t think I am going to install it right away. Is it easy for me to enable and disable the function myself?
I would also like to know how many of the units you still have available? The ebay store says 9 but do you have more?
Thank you,

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ddren Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello, your choices are all correct. I have 240 brand new RCD330plus now. I think there are only so many brand new units left in China
Don’t miss this chance if you like it. I believe that after the 240 units are sold, you will only be able to buy them in perfect condition. There will be no truly new units