Rear 187B

Rear USB cable, Carplay , Android Auto.
You will not see the messy data cable on the front panel, it looks more concise and neat.

Ori 187B

The genuine RCD330 Plus Noname 187B

Android Auto / Carplay /Mirror link
For all Volkswagen PQ car

RCD330g plus 187B
Green Skoda

For Fabia / Octavia / Superb / Yeti etc
Green light Noname 187B or + rear USB or + Wireless Car play dongle.
German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English

wireless carplay Noname 187B
Rear 187B

Rear USB, Carplay , Mirrorlink, Carlife.
You will not see the messy data cable on the front panel, it looks more concise and neat.


Noname 280B

Android auto, Carplay. + Rear USB
MQB Volkswagens Original Unit.
USB original installation

Flip camera

FIts Golf 6/7 R/GTI MK6 MK7, Polo C/R/GTI/Plus, EOS/Beetle/Passat CC/Scirocco For RCD330 Plus

RCD330g plus

Rear USB cables and socket V3.0

For Noname 187B , Desay 187B, Noname 5GD 035 280B.

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RCD330 PLUS Desay 187A Firmware with Red Theme and Play Video

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This software is free.

DESAY RCD330 PLUS 6RD 035 187A  support aux, sd card, usb ,rear camera, mp3/wav/flac/ape/ mp4/rmvb etc..

[Image: O1CN01tw0mM71OjsTpb3zyk_!!30701742.jpg?t=1559483448000]

[Image: O1CN01wEuxuj1OjsTqGK60F_!!30701742.jpg?t=1559483449000]

The reason why I have not been able to send it out is that my English is not good, and some contents are inevitably translated incorrectly. 

Another is that its installation requires a few more steps, and it needs to be explained together with the picture and the text to be installed!  I am worried that once someone can't understand my explanation, causing system crash, the head unit becomes a brick and will blame me.

Therefore, I can only guarantee the following steps, which is successful in the head unit of my sales. Now I am also sending it to you free . 

1. First, download  onekey to desktop for Desay 187A

[loginview]download1  [/loginview]

2. Second, download RCDMenu_v2.22_EN


RCD 330 - Desay A (with Windows CE) install guide (come from Internet).


SD Card 1GB - 8GB (Cannot use SD card of class10, usually larger than 8GB)
Preferable Power Supply/Computer Supply for having the RCD on the bench.


1 Unzip the two compressed files, open onekey to desktop for Desay 187A folder,  Copy all files  to an SD card (preformatted in FAT, it is believed that the card should be no more than 8Gb). Copy Install_RCDMenu_v2.22_EN folder to the SD card.

[Image: O1CN01rL7AEJ1OjsTup5Ffq_!!30701742.jpg?t=1559700828000]

Insert the card into the radio, press and hold the SETUP button until the Service mode menu appears, select the first item Software update / versions

in the next window, select Update Software

then (be careful) in the menu, select the second item Update NAVI

Software Update window will appear

and the radio will restart ... There will be a window with a countdown of time, we wait about 15 seconds before the appearance of the UpDate is Complete window . Please Reboot 1 .

2 Next, you need to overload the radio with a long hold on the power button. The next time you load the radio, it will turn on in the normal operating mode.

Press "Media" botton 3 seconds, Go to the WinCE desktop. Open the Explorer,  to open \Install_RCDMenu_v2.22_EN\install.msc file, and will install RCDMenu_v2.22_EN. Restart the head unit after the installation.

After the installation is complete, Install_RCDMenu_v2.22_EN folder  and onekey to desktop for Desay 187A  all files can be deleted. Keep "!!!Silent" folder.

EasyConnected app for Android phone.

Support Android 8 system, not compatible with Android 8.0 or higher system.

For Apple phones, you need to search for "亿连驾驶" in Apple's app store.

[loginview]Download3 for Android phone app[/loginview]

[loginview]Iphone app store for it[/loginview]


Red Menu
copy the IMG folder (with the replacement of files) from the map to the radio on the path \ ResidentFlash \ navigation \ app \ res

[loginview]download4 RedMenu [/loginview]

Language (I have not tested ,Please back up the two original folder before copying)
Rename files by changing the last 2 letters to en or cn (depending on which language in the radio tape recorder we want to replace)and copy to the folder \ ResidentFlash \ navigation \ app \ language

& change your flag \ ResidentFlash \ navigation \ app \ res \ img \ Icons \ General \ Flags \

[loginview]download5 German+English   
download6 Russian+English   [/loginview]

Others do better, you can learn.

hakkoumi has reacted to this post.



While doing an upgrade, I crashed WinCE and the HU is looking for eboot.nb0. Can you help with the boot loader files for WinCE?

Quote from gurukd on May 23, 2020, 7:00 pm


While doing an upgrade, I crashed WinCE and the HU is looking for eboot.nb0. Can you help with the boot loader files for WinCE?


Please browse another post.

Tnx for the post. I installed according to the instructions and everything works as you described. Great job. I have one problem with esayconnect, but later I realized that I have an android over 8 versions and you mentioned that it does not support android above 8. Is there any option to make easyconnect with a newer android i don't have the option to change the phone right now and i don't have an older one to swap.

Tnx for everything.

Thanks friend.

You can download the latest version of "easy connect" from follow link .

damirb08 has reacted to this post.

Tnx. I update apk.  I still have a connection problem. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. My phone is a huawei mate 20 lite. I get this picture message. I don't know what it says in Chinese.

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Oh sorry.My bro. I forgot to tell you that if you update the latest Easyconnect.apk for Android phone, you must also update the EasyConnect folder in the memory of the head unit. Download it and then overwrite the file with the same name in the memory of the head unit.

Note:Must overwrite the folder with the same name, pay attention to the file path.

After the upgrade, all will be in Chinese. It's too difficult for you. You try it.


Hey I update to 6.2.1 version on the phone, on this link the version 4.3.2 older so i don't understand how to do this. Is there any video on how this is done. I'm afraid i could block the device completely. 🙁

Now, give you the latest version. EasyConnected, it supports Android 9 and below systems. Android 10 is not supported.

The safest installation method, all reinstalled.

1. First install onekey to desktop for Desay 187A.

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

2. Second Install Install_RCDMenu_v2.30_EN

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.


If you succeed, please let me know. I have no problem testing on Android 7, I don't have Android 8 and Android 9 phones.

Hi, I am getting this error after the installation and really stuck here 🙁

Not able to switch to any other screens, even if I restart, I keep getting this error. Pls anyone help if you have knowledge on this.

Really appreciated.!

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